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CAN YOU “FLIP” YOUR BODY? Lean Strong Fitness & Wellness

I was having a lazy afternoon and spent a little time scrolling through Facebook.  I ended seeing a video from HGTV where people flip houses for profit.

It’s certainly nothing new.

People find something old and refurbish it into something that can be re-sold for a profit.

A few years back, it really caught on to this flipping idea and TV shows about flipping houses, flipping cars, and flipping flea market finds seemed to be all the rage.

CAN YOU “FLIP” YOUR BODY? Lean Strong Fitness & Wellness

As I watched the video, something clicked…

Many of us are motivated by saving money.

We clip coupons, we climb the corporate ladder, and we get as much mileage as we can from our car.  We know which gas station has the lowest prices, and we do a lot of holiday shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

We’re willing to put in the work to flip a house, or even flip our career.  We’ll start with one thing and work like crazy to get something greater in return – a new position, for example.

But why do we treat our bodies like garbage disposals?

Is it possible to flip our bodies?

Is it possible to start with what we have, do some hard work, and get something of higher value in return?


What you don’t see on those TV shows is that every flip requires a ton of planning.

There is a road map that professionals use to get the house from point A to point B.

Without this detailed professional plan, the project would take too much time, lose too much money, and usually end up costing the flippers everything (usually their life savings and relationship).

So the flippers put up the money for the flip and deal with the stress of doing the flip (corralling contractors, re-selling it at the proper price point, timelines, budgets, etc.).

The professionals develop the plan.

The professionals guide the couple on what to spend the money on… and what not to.

CAN YOU “FLIP” YOUR BODY? Lean Strong Fitness & Wellness

It’s my job to develop the plan for your body flip.

It’s my job to help you learn what food is a good fit for your goals, how to exercise to get results and prevent injuries and to teach you how to balance fitness, work, and life.

All you need to do is work the program. Use your resources, follow the plan, and at the end, you’ll be left with a something that is priceless – your health.

Think about that.

Flipping houses or cars or flea market junk is one thing, but flipping your health literally extends your life.  It lowers your medical bills and insurance costs.

It means less sick days which means more money in your pocket. It means more happiness, more confidence, more self-esteem, and more body positivity.  It means more play time with your kids or grandkids.

That is priceless.

As you think about your life and your goals, be sure to consider flipping your health as a top priority.  There is so much to gain and so little to lose.

For those of you with a business or financial mindset, think of it this way, there is so little risk or downside to flipping your health.

If you want a hand putting together a professional plan on how to do this, book a free phone call and see if we can help.

We’ll see where you are now, see where you want to go, and figure out what steps you need to take to get there, so you can focus on what matters.

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