Today, we’d like to share 11 fitness and fat loss tips from real clients.

No matter where they are in their journey to fat loss, these are some of the solutions that have helped them overcome their obstacles along the way. Chances are their solutions can help you too.

Take a look at the tips below, and let us know if there are any you would add to the list!

  1. “It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.” – Erica
  2. “Stop eating junk food, keep it out of the house or at least out of sight. I almost ate a whole box of girl guide cookies because they were on my counter. The opposite also holds true for healthy foods. If you leave bowls with fruit and veggies out, they’re more likely to get eaten.” – Nick P.
  3. Think ahead and research different foods and recipes to try. If you plan ahead you avoid the impulse decisions.” – Sarah S. Bonus tip: Caesar salads and peanut butter 
  4. Have ‘go to’ healthy treats that help curb sweet tooth cravings.” – Krista F.
  5. “I usually have the same breakfast every morning… And get it ready the night before… Then for sure I have a great start of the day!!” – Julia P.

6. “Track your food intake, plan your meals ahead of time and drink lots of water.” – Karen A.

7. “Be honest with yourself. Set small goals.” – Nicolle P.

8. “Increase your protein intake! Makes a big difference!” – Shelley S.

9. Seek encouragement from good coaches.” – Hanna VD

10. “Find someone you are around most of the day to support you. You’re not alone.” – Les

11. “Sensible consistency is key. A healthy lifestyle really means a lifelong commitment. As I’m starting to understand this, so many other things are starting to click and fall into place. Now I eat less, but enjoy food more; I’m more active in everyday life; weekends are no longer an excuse to binge-eat or veg out. On the same token, I’m never hard on myself. If I need time to rest/eat more, I will. I’m just less likely to go through my extreme see-saws.” – Aileen B.

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