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Member Feedback & FAQ

At Lean Strong, we’re dedicated to providing a welcoming and tailored fitness experience for each of our members. We’re passionate about what we do and committed to live out our values, like Kaizen – to be 1% better every day. 


Your insights help us understand what’s working, what’s not, and where we could do better.


Here is a look at some of our recent feedback and our responses!

If you submitted your feedback anonymously please email us if you want a direct follow up.

February 2024 Survey Responses

We would LOVE to have more coached sessions available, It sounds like you’d like to come more as well! 

We always have some indy spots available during coached sessions for those who like to workout around others as well, hopefully more spots will continue to open up. 

If there is a specific time you’d like to see coached session you’re always welcome to let us know so we know where there is a need. 

Great to hear. We are here for you and always happy when we can help accommodate while you are going through some things!

Thank you for allowing us to work with you through everything!

Thank you for sharing! That’s exactly why we ask for this feedback – we made this change a year and a half ago going from on the hour to every 45 minutes because there was a need for more sessions.

It sounds like you need a bit more time to get through your program – We do keep our capacity at 8 people per time slot, which allows for 1 extra station to be open to help with some slower transition times, so don’t feel rushed! Warm-ups and cool-downs can also be done upstairs until stations open up.

This is not an easy change to make, but we will certainly keep it in mind as we plan out the future here at Lean Strong.  

Amazing! We love that we can offer both coached and independent sessions. It’s great to see a member gain the confidence to do more on their own and of course our coaches love being able to support you through the coached sessions to prepare you for them as well.  

Thank you for your feedback!

It sounds like you want some better airflow! We do have 3 fans currently out on the gym floor and we try to keep them placed to cover multiple pods so everyone gets some air!!  We also keep the gym at 68 degrees so it’s a bit cooler for you. We have one broken fan we are working on getting fixed for the summer time!! You can always request a pod with a fan as well. 

It’s going to feel hot as you’re working up a sweat, but we’ll see what we can do to improve the airflow as we currently don’t have the outlets/floor space to provide many more fans at this time!

Thank you so much for sharing that! 

Without our members we are nothing. We take a lot of pride in not just being a gym, but a community where we can support everyone in bettering their overall health and fitness. 

We are here to support you and I can promise you, you are VERY important to us!

Great point! 

Currently, our protocol is that all smaller equipment is to be returned where you got it from (bands, free weights, balls, etc.). As for the bigger equipment that stays in each pod, there is no standard set up as workouts vary from needing a bar, TRX, bench, mat, etc. We typically recommend finding a pod that is set up for your liking as you come in. 

All programs are a bit different, so one person may require the TRX down and ready, where another person may be using the par and needs it in place. So it’s really hard to have one standard way to set those things up when everyone’s needs vary!

Haha we would love to be able to have some furry friends join us in the gym. 

Due to some members comfort levels and allergies, we can’t! Too bad the doggy daycare had to leave… 🙁 

Unfortunately we have had to cut some sessions as there is nobody in them! We review the schedule each week for the next week, if there are sessions that nobody is in, we close the session. There are a few sessions we have closed ongoing as coach availability and needs have changed as well!

All members have access to book their classes on the app up to 30 days in advance, I would recommend planning ahead if you’d like a certain session so you can claim a spot! You are also always welcome to reach out to me (Leesha) with questions about scheduling as well! 

That’s right – each of our coaches are a little different. They all have different backgrounds and are experts in their own areas, but we also try to keep some consistency in certain areas so everyone’s getting the same attention and support!

Thanks for sharing and we’re happy to get to support you in your progress and fitness journey. You’re killing it!

That’s a great idea! We hope that is something we will be able to offer eventually. We unfortunately don’t have the staffing for this right now, but we will certainly keep it on our list of things to consider as we grow! 

It sounds like you are looking for more coaching. Our independent sessions are meant to be exactly that, independent! We do however always make sure we have a coach in the gym to make sure if there are any questions or safety concerns we can still help out. 

If you’re looking for more coaching we would be happy to set up a meeting to discuss adding more coached sessions into your regular routine.

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” – Jean Vanier

We value each and every one of our members as they help create this amazing community. It warms our hearts to see our members engaging with each other and building that community every day!

Of course! You should be getting a new program every 4-6 weeks (depending on how often you come), whenever it’s time for a new program your coach will usually ask you for any feedback on your program and what you’d like to see next.

Sometimes the warm ups don’t always get changed as you are usually still working on the same type of movements and those warm up exercises are helping to prepare for them, but again, we always have the flexibility to change things up so don’t be afraid to ask when it’s time for a new program or even make a note at the bottom of your program for your coach! 🙂

That’s right – from the second you walk in the door our focus is on you!

Our entire model is built around a small intimate group of people working towards a common goal – bettering their overall health and wellness.

We are always glad to hear that it’s working and you are seeing and feeling the difference in what we do here. 

It sounds like you want more cardio in your program!

If you’re wanting more cardio, lets put it at the end or middle of your workout. Doing cardio in your warm-up isn’t really the safest. The reason being your body isn’t fully ready for that level of intensity.

This is what the warm-up does. We want your warm-up to mimic, or closely mimic, the movements/exercises you’ll be doing in your workout as it helps prime your muscles, heart and lungs, and joints to handle the stress of working out.

Previous Survey feedback below

Thank you for sharing! We weren’t aware that this was happening so your feedback helps. With our current software it doesn’t look like we can change that but we’ve submitted a request for them to incorporate this in their next update! 

In the meantime if you happen to lose a session due to a wait list, shoot me an email ( and i’ll make sure you get that one back!

Thank you for this idea! We actually have something like this starting in the coming months.

We would be very open to hearing your ideas so we know we’re providing what you as members are looking for! – stay tuned for our upcoming seminar that will be announced in the coming weeks!

Thank you for your feedback!

It sounds like you want some better airflow! We do have 4 fans currently out on the gym floor and we try to keep them placed to cover multiple pods so everyone gets some air!! We also keep the gym at 68 degrees so it’s a bit cooler for you. You can always request a pod with a fan as well.

It’s going to feel hot as you’re working up a sweat, but we’ll see what we can do to improve the airflow!

We can do that! We are always working on how we can improve your experience here as well as share our knowledge to help each of you learn the basics around your fitness journey. 

If you have any suggestions please share!

Thank you for that feedback!

Our schedule allows you to book 30 days in advance so we would recommend scheduling them as soon as possible to guarantee you a spot during your preferred time. 

You are also not restricted to only seeing your coach – you can schedule with any of our coaches!

Our systems are set up for that flexibility of knowing you can do a coached session when it’s needed, regardless of if your primary coach is away, sick or busy! 

Thank you for the kind words! We are always trying our best to do what is best for our members. If there are any specific things you think we can improve please don’t hesitate to share!

We do these surveys twice a year, but are always accepting feedback! 🙂

Thanks for sharing – That’s actually our GRAD program!

We strongly encourage getting in your coached session every month to make sure your form is good and maximum results, and you don’t HAVE to book each month either.

It allows you to be a lot more flexible with your schedule and have that guided support as needed. Sometimes we don’t realize when our form has slipped a little bit so it’s good to have some eyes on you every now and then to make sure you’re not undoing any progress you’ve made!

Your opinion matters! 🙂

That’s the thing with personal training – we can customize your workouts to be a mix of what you NEED and what you WANT to help keep it enjoyable while still working towards your goals.

Are you feeling stuck? or even bored? Let your coach know and we will change up your program! 

Agreed! Not sure we’re able to have one in this space, but it might be an idea for the future if we have a bigger space!

Great question & thank you for asking! 

Yes we have our members clean their bench, mat and any equipment they “heavily” sweat on at the end of each session. 

Our coaches organize the equipment each day to make sure everything is in its place and clean them if something stands out. They also vacuum and mop each day to ensure the floors are nice and clean!

We also have a cleaner that once a week does a deeper clean of the floors, shelves, equipment, and bathrooms. 

Overall our whole team is cleaning as we go and as needed on top of the above duties! 

And we can’t wait to have you back!!  🙂

Yes! There is always potential for us to be able to open up more time slots. We used to be open on those days but didn’t have much of a need – most members didn’t want to be here on a Friday night and the gym ended up being empty! Right now we have spaces available in all of our current time slots, once those fill up we will consider opening that extra day or block of sessions as needed!

If there are certain days or times you’d love to see us run sessions, let us know and the most requested times will be our priority!

And if you’re looking for an extra day to workout and have some space at home, let your coach know and we can write you an at home program so you can still get that extra workout in! 🙂 

Thank you for sharing!! We have carefully thought through each aspect of the business. There is a reason for everything we do and it’s good to hear that it works and is appreciated by our members!

We are excited to continue to play a role in you feeling stronger and healthier!

Totally understand, and we truly want it to be as accessible as possible. You can get access to a big box gym for $50-$100/month, and we find people need more than just a room of equipment to reach their goals. The intimate space where you don’t compete for equipment with the masses, expert coaching to make sure you’re not getting hurt and reaching your goals, and great customer service mean we have to charge more to stay in business. Our GRAD program is only a bit more than a big box gym to make it accessible, we give new members a discounted month to try us out, and it’s why we do an annual scholarship to help someone who needs it but doesn’t have the financial means.

Thank you for sharing! 

We’re overjoyed to hear about your fantastic journey and how you’ve come to enjoy your gym time and the progress you’ve made. We’re also delighted that you’re benefiting from Pam’s personalized travel programs to help keep you on track while you’re away. Your success story is an inspiration, and we look forward to supporting you in reaching even greater heights!

Thank you for the feedback! 

This is something we have tried in the past and ultimately decided to resume to 45 minutes. 

We don’t want anyone to feel rushed getting through their sessions, which is why we recommend coming as early as you need to do your warm up upstairs and are also completely fine if you need a few extra minutes to finish things up at the end of the session, just ask your coach! 

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