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Nutrition and Fitness Through the Holiday Season

Nutrition and Fitness Through the Holiday Season Lean Strong Fitness & Wellness
The holidays are fast approaching and we’ve already seen some people take a step back from training or their goals to handle the busy times…  I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to do that!! This week, Ben hosted a “Fitness and Nutrition Success Through the Holiday Season” Workshop at the gym, and I wanted to share a few valuable insights.  Before we jump in, an important reminder that the holidays are one giant curveball. Accept that and remember it’s ok to not be perfect 100% of the time. Here are three takeaways that I think will benefit you the most over the next few weeks…

Takeaway #1: Only indulge in the snacks and drinks that are your absolute favourites!

Set a MED for treats and alcohol (MED meaning Minimum Effective Deliciousness).  Your favourite holiday drink is some eggnog and rum? Great! Allow yourself to enjoy your favourite drink, but don’t say yes to everything else you’re offered if it’s not really your favourite.  Prioritize the REALLY good stuff and set those standards with yourself to make it much easier to say no to the “okay” treats, and a resounding “HECK YEAH” to the ones you really love.

Takeaway #2: Use the AIM method to set realistic goals for yourself

This stands for “acceptable minimum, ideal & middle”. When it comes to setting a new goal or we want to look at, What is the minimum you can do? The maximum you can do? And then the middle; a realistic stretch?   You learn to accept some weeks you might not hit your ideal, but you didn’t go below your minimum either at that is ok.  The power of this is instead of setting yourself up for failure as you won’t hit a bullseye every time, this gives you a range to work within when the holidays throw you curve balls, and gives you an opportunity for bonus points when it’s smooth sailing.

Takeaway #3: Make your workouts non-negotiable

Use the AIM method – set a minimum standard with yourself for your workouts and then make it work no matter what.  If your minimum is 2x/wk and you plan to work out Monday and Wednesday, but something comes up at the last minute on Wednesday, come in later that day or the next! Don’t wait until next week to try again.  You will slip and that is OK. The rule of thumbs is that when you fail, you get back on the horse immediately so that you never miss twice! These are only 3 – my favorite 3 – of the holiday tips and tricks we went over, I challenge you to pick one takeaway from above that resonates with you the most and start implementing it into your life today.  Be kind to yourself, allow for mistakes, and keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it.
CTA: Looking for extra accountability and support as you make your way through the holidays? Click HERE to talk to a coach and see how we can help!

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