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Prioritizing yourself in 2024

Prioritizing yourself in 2024 Lean Strong Fitness & Wellness
As the curtains close in 2023, I find myself reflecting on a recurring theme in my life – the struggle to prioritize myself.  The constant demands of work, family, house renovations, and everyday responsibilities, often left me feeling depleted and overwhelmed. My journey began with a realization that neglecting self-care took a toll on my physical and mental well-being. Burnout loomed on the horizon, and the consequences were undeniable.  It was time for a change.  Halfway through 2023, I made a conscious decision to make myself a priority, and the results have been phenomenal. I implemented three things into my life that helped me make that change:

A daily self-care routine.

This included moments of mindfulness, adequate sleep, and indulgence in activities that brought me joy – NOT going home from work every night and painting ceilings for 6 hours. 

Seeking guidance from a mentor.

This was a crucial step in my journey. I’ve always tried to hold myself accountable and it never seemed to work. Having someone to hold me accountable, share experiences with, gain insights, and receive constructive feedback provided me with invaluable support.  This is where things got a bit harder… Believe it or not, I am someone who struggles hard with consistent exercise. I am capable of making many excuses for what has gotten in my way, but the biggest one is TIME! I know, you’re thinking “But Leesha you work in a gym, how don’t you have time for a workout when you are there 40 hours a week.”  Well, that’s just it, when I’m here I want to work and have a hard time separating the two. Implementing my daily self-care routine and having a mentor (someone to hold me accountable) helped me to realize that work will always be there!  If I can take 30 minutes to an hour out of my day, It will not only allow me to get a workout in. It is also going to help me be more productive for the rest of the day.

Incorporating regular activity.

Incorporating regular activity into my routine not only improved my physical health but also became a powerful stress-relief mechanism.  I hear every day how members, family, and friends are struggling to do the things that make them happy and I will continue to remind them and everyone else that the consequences of neglecting self-prioritization are severe and far-reaching… Chronic stress, burnout, and a diminished sense of fulfillment can result in a downward spiral affecting various aspects of your life. Relationships, careers, and overall happiness may suffer if we continue to place ourselves at the bottom of our priority list.  My journey in 2023 taught me that prioritizing myself is not selfish; it’s a necessity for a fulfilling and balanced life.  Through self-care, mentorship, and regular exercise, I discovered the power of putting myself first.
As we embark on a new year, let this be a reminder to prioritize your well-being – it’s the foundation upon which success and happiness are built.

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