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The Hardest Fitness Conversation You’ll Have

Get rid of the Gremlins in your head that are sabotaging your fitness
Today I want to talk about the hardest conversation you’ll have when it comes to your health and fitness. It’s not with your spouse when you try to convince them to eat the same healthy foods as you as you try to slim down for summer. Nor is it with your friends when they give you the “come on, you can skip that one workout, let’s have a drink together! You’ve earned it!”. It’s with your biggest supporter, and your biggest saboteur. Yourself. Do you ever catch yourself rationalizing how it’s okay to skip that workout, have that extra serving of dessert when you know you’re already full, or watch one more episode when you know you’ll be exhausted because of it tomorrow? I do.  And I bet you do too. You think that voice is you because it’s coming from inside your head. It’s not.  It’s an evil, up-to-no-good, little jerk of a gremlin who seems to only live for making us feel bad about ourselves. Not good enough. Not fit enough. Can’t do it. If you’re anything like me and have experienced this, I have two things for you today. First, you’re not alone. I have yet to meet someone who’s self-talk is exclusively positive. In fact, the way that little gremlin talks to us is so negative we’d be ashamed if we ever talked to our kids that way. It’s not you, and it’s completely normal. Second, check out this video to see what you can do to shift that negative self-talk and get that little a-hole of a gremlin out of your way so you can carry on with your fitness goals.       Gremlins keeping you down? Need a hand setting up a game you can win? CLICK HERE to set up a call to see how we can help.

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