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The most overlooked part of a health and fitness routine

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When setting up a health and fitness routine, it’s common practice to focus on exercise and nutrition. And these are crucial. We all know how important staying active and building strength is, and I’ve yet to meet someone who would be disappointed to drop an inch or two off their waist from improving nutrition.
The most overlooked part – and it falls under the category of “least sexy but most important” – is sleep.
It’s where we build muscle tissue, key hormonal changes happen, and if nothing else sets the stage for success for the following day. (Just ask my wife how fun I would be around if I slept like garbage!) It sets the foundation for our health, and as we learn more and more about the importance of sleep and how it affects (quite literally) every other aspect of our physiology, I’m glad it’s getting more time in the spotlight. If you’ve been struggling to get a consistent, quality, night’s rest, or are looking to optimize the routine you’ve already set up, check out today’s article. Check out the video below:
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