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The Stepping Stool Method to Manage Your Priorities and Energy

The Stepping Stool Method to Manage Your Priorities and Energy Lean Strong Fitness & Wellness

One of the biggest obstacles we see with members looking to lose fat, get stronger, improve their mental health, and make a sustainable lifestyle change is time management.

Between kids, grandkids, work, leisure, more kid stuff, that other work thing, seeing family, and then trying to squeeze in workouts, eating healthy, and some time to recharge, the 21st century North American lifestyle is demanding.

And that doesn’t include maintaining your home, social outings, vehicle maintenance, or your regularly scheduled doctor, dentist, and other health appointments.

I get it.

It can be extremely overwhelming, and many days I just want to binge Netflix and eat chips instead of addressing my never ending to-do list.

And the irony is that all the things we feel we need to do often are taking the place of the things near and dear to our heart that we truly want to do.

Often at the expense of our health, and we see the effects firsthand at LSFW.

Years (often decades) of putting everyone and everything else first to have that wake-up call where it clicks you need to prioritize yourself or it all comes crumbling down.

You are the keystone in your life, and without proactive, preventative self care you’re running on fumes and showing up far from your best.

Even after you commit to making a change, you still have years and years of old habits to break, and it feels like a slog at best and groundhog day at worst.

I’d like to throw conventional time management out the window, and introduce you to the stepping stool method of energy management.

It was first introduced to me by an incredibly successful client and mentor.

And it’s the most powerful method I’ve found for managing competing priorities to keep your life in balance, and I imagine it will resonate with you.

Check out today’s video to learn more.

Did this resonate with you? Open to support managing your priorities to put yourself first? Click HERE to book a call to see how we can help (and you can try us out with no risk)

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